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Khido Khundi - Songs - Lyrics in English

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Apnya Di Thaa
Watna Ve
Zor Se Zor Laga

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Khido Khundi is an upcoming Punjabi movie about hockey. The movie depicts the reality of the Indian hockey players from Sansarpur, punjab. Khido Khundi (Ball, Curved Stick) is a film about integrity, passion, commitment and sacrifice. Harry (Manav Vij) once an excellent hockey player now living in the UK leading a disillusioned and aimless life.

His younger brother Fateh (Ranjit Bawa) is full of life and longs to become a Hockey player despite his brother’s experiences. When he is chosen to represent his University’s Hockey Team, Fateh is excited at the prospect of being the captain of the Indian Hockey team at his University, but he has no idea of the racism he will be subjected to. One fateful match shatters Fatehs’ hopes and he is not sure if he will ever be able to play hockey again. Can Harry overcome his own demons to help these 14 men face the British team and win? Will his past stop him and the team from fulfilling their goal and thereby regain their lost confidence.

Khido Khundi Movie Full Star Cast and Crew

Ranjit Bawa
Manav Vij
Mandy Takhar
Guggu Gill

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