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Here you will get B Praak – Songs Lyrics in English with lyrics meaning and translation in English and Hindi of B Praak almost all famous songs and more Punjabi singers songs lyrics. B Praak – Songs Lyrics in English are very good.

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Ali Ali
Kaun Hoye Ga
Man Bharya

Personal information

He is a music director from Punjab who is also called super hit machine of Punjabi music industry.
He was born and brought up in Chandigarh. also, he has completed his schooling from St.Xavier, Chandigarh, born in the house of music, His dad is a music director and composer. uncle is also a music director and composer and they are the legends of Punjabi industry. So music in his blood, He often says you can’t do anything in any line if you’ll not do hard work. He hasn’t learned anything from them but it’s their blessings which made him to do that.

He says his new name is very lucky for him. After changing the name he got tremendous success. When new technology and computers came to the music industry, his father advised him to learn music composing software. In the starting, nobody was willing to teach him. Somehow he managed to learn Music Composition Software, Music Notation from Studios Chandigarh. At first, he learned to remix song. He has struggled a lot in his life. Before becoming famous he practiced music for 10 years and got perfection in every aspect of music. He often composes music by mouth without any musical instrument.

B Praak – Songs Lyrics meaning

Initially, his aim was to become a singer but somehow it changed to a music composer but now He has released his debut as a singer. He says the First thing which comes in his mind while composing a song is just one thing that this is his first and last song if I’ll not get it done perfectly, everything will go down and burst. So do everything from heart and have faith in yourself, you will never fail. He Compose music in front of the singer and they all work together for the success of the song.

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