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Personal information – Prabh Gill

Prabh gill was born on 23 Dec in Ludhiana (Punjab). He has joined music classes in the age of 12.He has recorded his first song on 21 oct 2009. The song name is Tere bina and most interesting thing is that, On the first day 1500 people downloaded this song. After this song he is getting famous in Punjabi music industry. He grew up listening to Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Kuldeep Manak, and Mohammed Saddiq. But now days is very famous in Punjab and also outside the Punjab. He released his debut album titled ENDLESS on 16 December 2012…

Prabh Gill is a famous Punjabi singer who was born on 23rd December in Ludhiana, Punjab. He started taking interest in music when he was just 12 years old. He is very famous in the Punjab Industry and people love listening to his songs very famous and is very talented as well and has also sung for many Punjabi Films and is very successful also he has also worked with various artists and singers in collaboration. This talented man has made a mark on the Industry and he has surprised a lot of people by his melodious voice and has a major fan following and he has a lot of international fans as well.

Prabh Gill started his career when in the year 2009, where he recorded his first song. It became a sensation and his song became the talk of the town. People loved his first song and it was downloaded immediately. He has grown up listening to great singers like Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Muhammad Saddiq and Kuldeep Manak. He is greatly inspired by them and has learnt a lot from them by just listening to them. His first album was released in the year 2012 on 16th December. It was a huge hit as well. His famous songs includes Pehlevaar, haankarde, terebina, hassdi nu, sohniye, guzara, jaan, akh da nasha, and mere kol, <>which got the highest number of views on YouTube.
Prabh Gill – Songs – Lyrics in English